Crane Service

Crane Service

We provide prompt service for complete and innovative construction cranes in support of the life cycle of hoisting equipment used on construction job sites.

Our goal is to allow our customers to focus entirely on their core business, ensuring that the equipment operates at maximum reliability and efficiency.

Thanks to our crane service we are able to guarantee the following for our customers:



Maximum crane safety

Crane components and spare parts to solve any technical problem


Correct operation of tower and self mounting cranes

Highly qualified and trained personnel for maximum quality service

High reliability of your equipment

Our crane service experts have a wide range of specific skills in the sector in order to provide a made-to-order personalised service for your company needs. Our engineers are continuously trained and provide professional crane maintenance service.

Our technical service also covers spare parts, replacement of damaged crane parts and crane mounting, as well as equipment maintenance.


Feel free to ask for more information on Edilgema crane technical service.